Negotiation in Acquisitions & Disposals


Acquisitions & Disposals
In the search for “value” and in establishing the right “price”, we can represent either party in buying and selling business in an acquisition or disposal scenario. Each deal is unique and different aspects of it will define the business relationship with our client, but broadly:

In Acquisitions
The client will invite our services where they have identified an acquisition target and require assistance. We can make preliminary enquiries of the client target(s) to establish their appetite for a deal and diplomatically open up the idea of a transaction. We also provide full negotiation or supported negotiation services to progress and ultimately close the deal.

Within this process we can perform due diligence in order to establish the efficacy of the target, value in the purchase, setting of the offer price or even assist the decision to proceed further in the deal.

Where the deal does progress, Colonnade’s experience and attention to detail will assist the client identify onerous terms and contract ‘tie-ins’. Through our ‘umbrella’ firm PHI Capital, we can even assist in the financing.

In Disposals
We act to represent the client with objectivity in the sales process. We can support the transaction by conducting internal due diligence, establishing KPIs and reviewing accounts and projections to ensure the pack for the buyer is strong.

In turn, this assists valuation and construction of a target price so the client fully understands the price range where a deal can be made to achieve value. As the deal progresses, we advise and support to guide the deal through.

We keep a close eye over the contract of sale, reviewing the document for onerous clauses – whilst this is the contract Solicitor’s area, there’s nothing like creating discussion points that may otherwise have been missed. We look at the detail.

In addition we can lead the sale brokering to achieve best price and protect assets from being undersold and evaluate offers.