Ad Hoc


Ad Hoc

Be it in a Negotiation, a Crisis Situation or a Support Service, we generally consider most matters as long as they are pre-legal, or the legal process is at a very early stage.

The Director of Colonnade has twenty eight years of experience in Practice and Industry, providing the experience to assist business owners to “negotiate” successful results and/or escape from problematic situations.

Below is a sample of irregular areas where our understanding of people, business know-how and FD skills ‘read a situation’ and turned it into a client positive.

Repossession- Private Individual
The client suffered repossession of their principal private residence. The bank then sought to enforce further guarantees over his business premises.  After several weeks of negotiation, Colonnade brokered a last minute deal on deadline day to convince the bank a ‘Business Angel’ existed to settle the debts owed. The client avoided redemption penalties and ultimately, his only income source.

Public/Private Partneship Negotiation – Care Home
The PPP’s role was to reduce fees their Local Authority client where paying to the client. The PPP sought a fee reduction of 22%. We achieved settlement at 6.5% in a protracted preparation and negotiation period, protecting £100k of client revenue. This process was also repeated previously, where Colonnade successfully negotiated with a different Local Authority directly, with a similar result

Blue Chip Landlord Negotiation – High End Fashion Retail
Negotiated with a shopping mall client landlord, allowing one of its’ two leases to be handed back – the client vacated one loss making store. Both leases were held in the same company, meaning that if the landlord pursued the rent debts, the entir company would have needed to close. Negotiations ensured the client escaped from one lease, retained full rent deposit and gained the benefit of a rent write-off of £50k.

Bank CIFAS Loading – Private Individual 
Lenders placed client details onto the CIFAS Register where a loan application submitted contained details that did not agree to database information held by Banker’s Credit Approval Team. This resulted in the client being unable to obtain loan finance, credit cards or open new private or business bank accounts.  The client had clearly been wronged, so through a dogged determination, Colonnade achieved a reversal of the loading using a tough stance that made a mockery of the lender’s processes.

Accounting Fraud – Wholesale Distributor
Discovered accounting Fraud and performed a forensic investigation, reporting to the Board. The same report was used to negotiate settlement of tax on the fraud with HMRC, agreeing the adjustments to three years accounts accepted by the auditors, and ultimately pursuing the amount stolen resulting in collection of £170k from the perpetrator.

Intellectual Property Claims – Clothing Retailer
Protected the client from two separate intellectual property (IP) claims made against them. One was settled with an admission at minimal cost, whilst the second proved to be part of a campaign undertaken by a plc to eliminate competition by exploiting UK IP law. Colonnade took great exception to this and actually forced the plc solicitors to prove their costs. The case was settled at a minimal cost, whilst if either had escalated, the client would have gone out of business.   

HR & System Recommendations – Boutique Hotels Group
Reviewed key staffing and management within a group facing a crisis position, advising the Board to recruit new positions and get rid of others. Colonnade reported to the Board on their administrative inefficiencies, recommending adjustments in the accounting system and bringing on board a new senior member to the accounting team. This was all implemented improving the accounts production, creating speedier reporting.

Dismiss Employee Claims – Wholesale Distributor
Colonnade’s client was protected from three separate legal claims by former employees. The claimants all utilised the services of ‘no win to fee’ type solicitors who were all given short shrift once the cases were carefully examined.