Negotiation in Acquisition & Disposals

  • client16

    Client’s goal was to secure a particular London location. Negotiated purchase of the going-concern, persuading owners who did not need to sell and were uncertain about doing so, to agree to enter sale negotiations.

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  • corporate-services

    Controlled the £5M sale of a going concern as FD of the vendor. Prepared a ‘watertight’ due diligence pack at the request of the buyer’s Accountant. Caught onerous ‘Maxwellian’ clauses inserted in the sale contract by the buyer. The process took six months to completion and was fraught throughout with multiple issues that were resolved to the satisfaction of all parties, including the fifty+ vendor shareholders.

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  • corp

    Negotiated the purchase of a fashion retail outlet for the client, from owners needing to cut their losses. The price agreed helped the owners minimise further loss, whilst leaving the client with stock, a rent deposit and a three month rent free period, the latter negotiated independently with the shopping mall’s landlord. The net value gain for the client was £150k after the consideration payment.

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