Mediation in Disputes

  • corp

    Mediated between two directors where the relationship had broken down irretrievably. The impasse was due to one director refusing to depart until his shares were purchased by the other, whilst the other refused to buy them at the price requested. Immense personal issues clouded the negotiation. Discussions were fractious but resolution was achieved over time, with the impasse being lifted by brokering each view to the other, and eventually getting the directors around a table.

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  • nego

    Two friends of ten years became business partners. They discovered they could not work together and had not spoken for over a year until Colonnade became involved. Prepared groundwork for successful disposal of shares from one party to the other and mediated throughout the process to completion. The matter was resolved by engaging and listening to both sides and brokering each view to the other and eventually getting the parties around a table.

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