Debtor Creditor & HMRC Negotiations

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    Negotiated with a landlord to surrender one shop lease while retaining the other shop lease, both held in the same client company, thereby averting imminent closure of the client as they could not service rent on both. Negotiated retention of the £100k rent deposit on the surrendered lease in the Company’s name and further agreed a £60k rent free period on the remaining lease.  Client avoided closure and managed to continue trading through the one store.

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    Achieved a 48 month settlement with HMRC on a £50k debt owed by the client company, given special circumstances. HMRC accepted the director was effectively paying a company liability personally. The creditor company had no income and the director was funding the company just to hold a lease, pending transfer.  The agreement was maintained until the lease was legally transferred some 18 months later, whilst HMRC ‘unofficially’ wrote of the balance outstanding of 30 months.

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