We offer services in the following areas:

1. Cash Crisis, Troubleshooting and Restructure

  • Cash management and troubleshooting in a cash crisis situation
  • Projection and cash flow models
  • Management and control to help resolve trading issues
  • Corporate restructure: going concern or salvage operation

2. Appointments: Short-Term CFO, Interim FD, Trustee

  • Short-term CFO for director level finance position, overseeing the function, offering all Colonnade’s services
  • Interim FD providing short-term ‘handholding’ service, whilst a full-time appointment is being sought
  • Pension Trustee appointment, providing both Administrative and Consultant Trustee roles to Pension Schemes and Trust Funds

3. Debtor, Creditor & HMRC Negotiations

  • Negotiation to collect old and/or difficult debts
  • Negotiation with landlords, rates authority and plc creditors
  • Handle awkward creditors
  • HMRC VAT, PAYE & CT negotiations

4. Buying or Selling a Business

  • Open up the target acquisition
  • Negotiate the deal
  • Review the business for sale and advise
  • Due diligence
  • Pricing review
  • Sale or purchase contract review
  • Risk assessment

5. Mediating Partner or Director Disputes

  • Bring disputing sides to the negotiating table
  • Attempt to settle disputes by agreement
  • Resolve business partner settlements
  • Assisting two sides part amicably

We provide ‘ad-hoc’ assistance in a non-exhaustive list of areas where the client has experienced: fraud, or suspects it; employee claims; intellectual property claims; insurance claims or other matters. We also handle personal CIFAS removal for clients and most ‘odd’ finance based matters.