Acquisition & Disposal
Debtors, Creditors, HMRC
Ad Hoc


Ad Hoc


Resolve internal and external disputes


Short-Term CFO
Pension Trustee
Interim FD

Help When You Need It

Welcome to Colonnade Consultancy Limited. We provide “help” in the form of General and Finance Director Services to owner-managed SMEs & Mid-Caps, for a cost substantially less than that of a full-time appointment.

A client may be seeking to expand or sell part of their business - we can assist in the acquisition or disposal. A business may be facing a serious cash crisis, with creditors pressing for payment – we troubleshoot cash shortage and manage the problems. We mediate between many different types of disputing party to reach solution and also offer specific appointments such as Short-Term CFO, Pension Trustee or Interim FD.

By absorbing ourselves into your business, we take on board the issues and provide the steer required to see a project through to completion. Work is performed ethically, reflecting our personal and professional values underpinned by our Principal’s FCCA status and twenty-eight years in accounting and business.

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